Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tweak-kneed Race

This year's Caleb 5K was just as great as last year's.  And I didn't even have to do it alone.  My time was not great but I didn't expect it would be thanks to me and my tweak-kneed self.  I got a nice long lecture from my trainer last night about how to complete this walk without making things worse. We agreed that I could walk a decent 15 minute mile and that I would not get caught up in things and try and outpace anyone.  I was good and listened and walked my own race.  I forgot my brace but I did OK.  

This year my friend San joined me. She did very well running it in a little over 28 minutes.  This after being nervous because it was her first race in the competitive Austin.  Psht!  I told her there was nothing to be nervous about. I didn't get a lot of pictures this year because the husband was supposed to be taking all the shots.  Well, I called him from the starting line to warn him that we would be passing our place soon (it passed in front of our house).  He said he'd be ready.  When I reached that destination he was nowhere to be seen.  I called him and he said he didn't realize we were passing at the beginning.  He said he would catch us at the end.  Well, he did get a couple of shots of me at the end of the 3rd mile.  But then he got caught up in conversation with someone else walking and didn't get a shot of me crossing the finish line.  Major husband support fail!  Oh well.  Here are the few pitiful shots he did get.
He finally arrives at the 3 mile mark.

Yes I'm smiling because he was trying to make me laugh and forget my frustration at his lack of timing.

Don't know what I'm saying but I'm sure it was sarcastic.

Me (w/attitude) and San in our sweaty state. Did I mention it was humid as hell out?  Well it was.  We are misty at the starting line and drenched by the end.

Butt shots.  Why?  

Checking the times and I was glad to see I stayed on my 15 minute mark. 

After an hour of hanging around, we decided we could abandon the festivities and make the walk back to our place.  

It was indeed a very well organized race.  The cover band was awesome, the freebies were great and the chiropractor's adjustment was appreciated.  If I'm still in Austin next year, I'm going to try it a third time.  Hopefully I'll be able to run it.  See ya' next year!

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