Saturday, December 3, 2011

In the Hairdresser's Chair

Kindly ignore the 'natural' gray highlights!
It's been a long week and I was looking forward to the weekend with true longing.  There were some bumps in the week but I worked hard to get over them.  Sadly, I'm still sitting atop a couple of them as they require some time.  But I'll get pass them. 

Let's focus on my weekend.  I had plans to have a very nice and worry free weekend.  All ended well but it was rough getting there.  I started Saturday with car issues. Still trying to work out if my state inspection issues are due to a recent $300 tune-up.  Now I'm in search of a good mechanic. 

I went to get my hair did . Finally! After weeks of thinking and thinking I decided I needed to get braids.  If any of you have natural hair you know how challenging it is to straighten your hair only to have it ruined by a single, sweat soaked workout.  I researched and came across the Yarn Braid.  My hairdresser said she'd be willing to try it so I made an appointment for noon Saturday.  She had two appointments running late so my appointment didn't happen until 3 o'clock.  I could have been upset but I had a good time while waiting. Not sure if you've ever been in the hairdresser's chair where there are predominately African American patrons, but let me assure you that if not, you are missing out. There is quite an experience to be had there.

While waiting I had my share of entertainment.  There was a comedic mechanic there (who will look at my car...Yay!).  He was full of anecdotes and quotes to live by.  At one point he said the best way to made kids appreciate what they have is to take it all away.  He said 'If they don't appreciate that warm house and warm bed, put 'em out!  They'll pick up appreciation real fast.'  They man was funny I tell you!  Then there was the preacher women who happened to be in my stylist's book club. She decided to use our waiting time to do a story time for adults.  She spent two hours reading from the book they were to review.  It was full of sexy scandal and super sins.  And it was hilarious to hear her glide over the not so christian words.  She substituted with words like 'a garden tool' and 'woman of the night'.  Other words she spelled out and inserted blanks so that she didn't complete the full spelling.  Funny enough, it was the men there who were the most enthralled in the story.  They shushed anyone that interrupted.  It was hilarious and very entertaining.  And finally we had the teenage Hispanic kid that came in with fresh tamales, orange soda and cookies for everyone.  Apparently it was from his grandma next door. Did I take some?  Of course!  I couldn't be rude.

When I finally got in the chair, we decided on the imitation dread look.  Two and and half hours later, we accomplished something close to it.  I told her I couldn't do smaller ones because I was not willing to sit there over the 4 hours she mentioned.  I think the results fit me just fine.  I have 2 months to decide how much I like them.  I didn't get home until after 6pm.  My wonderful husband came through once again by having a nice hot meal waiting for me when I got in.  Thankfully, he understands that when it comes to getting my hair styled, it is never a hurried errand. I'll have to repay him for his kindness somehow.

It was a long day and I'm ready to lay it down. 

Have a great weekend!

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