Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Rush Hour Wrapping
Today I gave in to most everything.  I got up at 6 a.m. instead of 5.  There was no working out.   I didn't even bother showering because I did last night.  I wore brown instead of a cheerier color.  Never mind the fact that brown is currently my favorite color.  I threw together a last-minute Secret Santa gift for work.  I was so bad that I wrapped it while in rush hour traffic.  Don't worry, it was done while sitting at stop lights.  The 'wrapping paper' is from the leftover packing paper from the trunk of my car.  The ribbon was pulled from the pocket behind the seat.  Sue me...I forgot about it.  Luckily I had a brand-new scarf and little change purse I was saving for someones gift.  The container was an empty oatmeal carton.  I'm a recycling fool! 

Leftovers after Hungry Women's Raid
Got to work to a ridiculous amount of food.  Cookies, cakes, donuts, quiche, and tamales.  I had a chicken tamale (my friend and her mom made) and only one cookie.  I was trying to be good.  Unfortunately, our team went out for lunch to exchange the gifts.  While they all had creamy, cheesy soup, I opted for the broth based one.  It was good.  My gift just happened to be a large cup of mini snicker bars.  What evil women!  I ate about 5 of them.  Oh well. 

I came home to a husbandless house (out of town) and dogs that had been needing to do their business for hours.  I was starving.  When I finally got back inside, I'd barely kicked my shoes off when the husband strolled in with in-laws and kids in tow.  I was not amused but I put on a happy face.  I was still hungry.  After they left, I decided I was going to have an easy and sinfully delicious meal.  I hadn't taken anything out to cook so we were perusing the fridge for fast and easy. The husband had okra sauce so we put on a pot of rice.  I didn't want the sauce but had about a half cup of leftover beans.  I scrambled and egg, refried the beans and sauteed some peppers and topped it all with cheese.  It hit the spot and then some! 

Beans, Rice, Eggs, Avocado, Peppers
So I gave in to temptation on a few occasions today.  No one led me there.  I willingly walked right up to it!   I'm OK with that.   I'll do better tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: “I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it”~Mae West

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