Sunday, December 4, 2011

Slainzy Sunday

Slainzy: A slow, rainy, lazy day.

I created that word today because that's what it is.  I promised my husband that I would take him out to breakfast in appreciation for preparing dinner all week long.  When we finally got out of bed to take the dogs out, we discovered we had a nice steady rain coming down.  It's still drizzly and gross but we decided it was the perfect day to hit Golden Corral's breakfast buffet. We figured most people were still in church and there would be no parking issues.  We were correct. 

Our theory behind breakfast buffet is that its the best option when neither of us knows what we want to eat for breakfast.  We can try something and if we don't like it, move on.  Wasteful yes...but we budget friendly for the fickle. And we are definitely a food fickle couple.

My husband, who had never been to a breakfast buffet, had suggested IHOP.  He dropped this tidbit of info on me this morning.  Seriously?!?  I nixed that idea and told him how much better the buffet option was.  He wasn't convinced until I gave him the price of buffet vs. menu item.  So off we went. He enjoyed himself.  He got his eggs, potatoes, ham and ice cream.  Lol. Yep, he saw it and wanted it. He asked me if it was OK to get ice cream for breakfast.  I guaranteed him he could get anything he wanted that was displayed.  He was like a kid.  In fact it was only a kid-sized cone but he enjoyed it.  Small pleasures...

Now we are planning on spending the rest of the day lazing around, watching sports and sipping hot chocolate.  It's a good day.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

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