Sunday, December 18, 2011

Evening Stroll

 I've decided I'm terrible at entering my daily miles. Doesn't seem to matter how easy it is. Guess I'm just lazy. But I have been getting in the mileage. I slept in this morning. Well, if you consider sleeping till 730am sleeping in. I tried to stay longer but I was getting restless so I finally gave up. I threw on a tshirt and sweat pants and laced up the sneakers. I woke the husband telling him I was taking the dogs on a short walk. Turned out to be a pretty good one. Not too fast and not too slow. This is big considering Baxter was less than thrilled about going beyond the parking lot. He's gotten to be such a lazy and stubborn old pup. Of course we were going too slow for Sofie but I had to remind her we were only as fast as our slowest partner.

I was feeling a little bit of stress due to car emission issues so the husband thought it a good day to stay in and relax. He actually sat with me through two movies. We hung out and watched sports afterwards and even took a nap. By 7pm, we were both headed back out the door for an evening stroll through the neighborhood. I had been wanting to see the Christmas lights and he reminded me. It was so nice out and they lights were OK. A friend texted me wanting to know if we would meet them at the Zilker tree but I was not in the mood for a drive or company other than my guy. The neighborhood was just my speed. This year people didn't seem to do as much as last year but I can understand that. It was still nice to see them. I tried to take a few pics but I neglected to check how to switch to nighttime mode on my camera and was too impatient to try it on the walk. We joked and laughed and oohed and ahhed like kids.We had a nice walk and got in a nice mild workout. It was fun and I highly recommend it.

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