Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye

This past weekend I got up off my butt and actually made it to a friends going away party.  It was so good to see her and I finally got to see the new baby.  It's a girl!  Yay! Anyway, they're Australia bound but I'm hoping social media proves that miles don't make a difference in a friendship.  So at this shindig I learned a lot.  I discovered that boxed wine is not half bad.  Not that I would have known the difference between good wine or bad.  Generally I look for over top sweet and a pretty label.  I'm not too thrilled with the actual taste of alcohol.  Anyway, this boxed wine knowledge was dropped on me by Aussie Bound's mother  (who was quite funny). So yeah...blushing boxed wine is OK by me.

I also learned I have no problem eating a hot dog if there are no vegetarian options.  Seems the vegetarian sister rekindled her love of beef.  There went the veggie burgers.  No problem...I adapt well.  Now I know the serious veggies will gasp at this idea.  Well, I'm no vegetarian.  I'm just not fond of the texture or taste of ground hamburger and I generally just don't do beef.  I will however eat it in a mechanically separated, gristle, ground bone and additive filled form.  Go figure.  And for the record, potato buns make all the difference.  I will also go ahead and mention this hot dog moment was not a time to be watching what I ate. No...I planned well for that day.  I even had Cheetos for the first time in months and they were fantastic.  Oh and the baked beans (prepared by a guy) were awesome.  Did I ever tell you how much I love a bean?  Well I do. And I'm a tough judge when it comes to beans.  He did a great job.

And one more thing since I'm blurting out random....Central Texas flies are not afraid of clear jugs of water.  I hear it works to keep them away when placed near food.  Well it was decided the flies that were wanting to feast on this food had to be either blind or dumb because a few kept coming back.  I really dislike flies but I'm sure they must serve some purpose.  Oh and I also learned that a little bit of nature goes a long way when entertaining a 2 year old (or maybe he's 3 now...I don't know).  The little big man was so excited by chinaberries, sticks and ants.  He was fun to watch but I don't know how she handles that energy all the time and still look rested.

So I said goodbye to a pretty good person and wish she and her family all the luck with this big move.  I'm so excited for the adventure and hope when they return to Texas her kids have the cute little accents and have developed a taste for Vegemite.  Should be interesting.  Good luck Amanda!  

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