Thursday, April 5, 2012

Melvin's Meditation Mantra

This is Melvin.  It was a gift from a coworker.  He is to be used in times of stress.  In fact, most everyone in the office has one though they all have different names.  Some are used more than others.  In my case I rarely find use for him at my desk.  I've used it a couple of time to remind someone else to 'Calm down, relax, take it easy...' because that's what he says when you squeeze him.  Since I'm usually calm, relaxed and taking it easy already, I wasn't using him that often.

But one particularly harsh rush hour moment helped me decide he would serve me better in the car. I fear that he will either stop working because I'm squeezing the hell out of him so often or he will start cursing me.  At that point I will of course have lost my mind.  In any case, I highly recommend everyone putting one of these little gems in their cars.

Happy squeezing!

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