Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Just Me...

So, I think it's time to properly introduce the real me.  Well...I'll just tell you some things about me that you probably don't know. 
1)  I absolutely am crazy about potatoes.  Fried, baked, boiled, sauteed, totted, etc.  I don't care for cheese on them though.
2)  I think showers and baths are time consuming and I don't like them.  Don't get me wrong...I think they are totally necessary and I do enjoy the end result.  But I still feel like a filthy child who's mother makes her bathe after a long day of playing outside.
3)  I love baking.  I use it as a stress reliever.  But I don't really care to eat the things I bake.  Not because they aren't good because they are. I'm just really not that into sweets. 
4)  I'm a sandwich and salad snob.  I like a pretty sandwich and a picture perfect salad.  I'm judge a deli based on how the products look.
5)  I want perfect teeth.  I know I can't have them naturally but one day I will have them.
6)  I love natural Afros, braids and twists.  I wear my hair this way a lot.  Not necessarily because it's stylish.  But because it's easy and I feel like myself.
7)  I want to one day own a Mercury Comet.  Any year will do.  Yeah....I'm weird like that.

Now let me tell you some things I'm loving right now. 
1) Bathing Net.  My husband got me one.  He says they use them all the time in West Africa.
2)  My pumpkin bran muffins.  They are super moist and full of fiber!
3)  Benadryl!

Something I'm hating right now?
1) Hives
2) Hives
3) Hives!!! (Hence the benadryl)

Well, I think the benadryl is kicking in right about now.   Gonna call it a night.

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