Monday, January 31, 2011

The Stubborn and The Patient

So, I've fallen behind on my challenge.  The husband and I did complete our Sunday Six but it was definitely a challenge for me.  Not necessarily a physical challenge but mentally it was very difficult.  Sometimes we have an idea in our heads but it's not quite at the front of our thinking.  My idea was we would do 3 miles and then go home.  Well, this was not Alex's idea.  We got to the 'finish' and he passed it.  I asked him if he was going again.  He said yes.  And not just any old yes.  A yes that said 'of course!'.  A yes that said, 'Are you kidding?'  A yes that said, 'I came to workout. What did you come for?'  He told me I could wait for him if I didn't want to finish.  Of course I wasn't having that.  I continued but I didn't like it one bit.  I hem and hawed (silently and in my head).  Of course this frustrated me and frustration pushed me hard.  I pushed to the point where I imagined I was in pain and wanted to stop.  I was not.  Just being petty.  And we did slow up and he asked if I was alright.  I was but I didn't want to admit it. I didn't get my way and it didn't matter if I stopped now.  Going back or continuing forward, was going to equal the 6 miles.   I was having a 'girl' moment.  You know those moments when you just want to be right and have him admit that he's wrong?  Yeah...I was there.  And for no reason.  This walk was my suggestion.  But I wanted to just walk a bit and talk.  None of this silent push till we sweat walk.  As we came upon the halfway point, I realized this grudging attitude would get me absolutely nowhere.  I had better straighten up and fly right or else I would more than likely regret it tomorrow.  So, I did.  I decided to enjoy the view.  The sun was going to set soon and the colors were beautiful on the water.  There were people lazing and relaxing on the docks for this was an unusually warm day for January.  Eventually I did speak to Alex again.  We fell into a steady march and discussed the people.  A couple was coming upon us once again. Alex mentioned how fast they were because they hit the halfway mark before we did.  So, we decided we needed to compete with them and stepped up our pace.  We beat them and this small victory brought the harmony back.  I hate to admit when I'm wrong but I was.  I almost ruined a perfectly good walking workout on a beautiful day.  I'm blessed to have a guy who doesn't fuel my fire and lets me work through it.  I'm again thanking God for those who are patient with me throughout my journey.

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