Sunday, January 9, 2011

Corny Love

I know I'm cheesy and corny. But I have found a mate that doesn't mind it.  We are corny together.  For New Year's Eve, we didn't toast with Champagne or wine or any type of drink.  We toasted with yogurt. But not just any yogurt. The 'special' mousse-like yogurt we had saved just for midnight. We didn't have any junk food and we don't really drink so we decided to ring in the New Year with yogurt.  See....corny.

He made me breakfast this morning while I was still in bed.  He made an egg white and potato omelet with a side of sauteed tomatoes and onions with a little vinaigrette. And a glass of orange juice.  He ate his with french bread of course. The french and their bread!  But afterwards, we each go to our computers and check our email and facebook, etc.  And even though we aren't talking, we are still communicating.  We send each other love notes by messenger.  It's fun and sweet.  Our computer love.  Ah....I love this man.

Our intention was to go walking this morning.  But that plan has been foiled by rain. So, we will be hitting the gym later.  Unfortunately, its the beginning of the year and the gym is always crowded with residents.  Oh well. Won't be long before those resolutions are broken and the gym is ours once again!

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