Monday, December 13, 2010

My Appointment

Well, this morning I checked my Facebook to find Amanda wanted to go walking at 9am. It was 8:30 when I checked it. Since it's been about a month of Sundays since we walked together, I figured I should get on it. I stepped outside and it was freakin' freezing. Like 33 degrees freezing. On the way there, I called her to tell her I would be running a bit late. I wanted to stop by Walgreen's and find a pair of earmuffs. You see, I was rockin' the fro' this morning so any knit cap that Alex had wouldn't fit over my hair. No luck at Walgreens so I head on to the park because I didn't want her waiting long in the cold with little Dax. We walked and talked for about an hour. We only did three miles but the talk was worth it. Besides, I did a marathon cleaning and organizing of the spare room yesterday so my body was a little sore from that. But good news. I unloaded 45lbs worth of weight from the trunk of my car. I finally brought in the free weights to use. Should help my car with fuel costs. So, now I'm sitting here typing because I had a great inspirational thought yesterday but it's lost on me right now. Maybe later. I will have to think on it a bit longer. I walked today and that's going to have to be good enough.

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