Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Appreciation

Part of my personal improvement journey is to try and appreciate what I have regardless of how insignificant it seems. I'm working on looking more closely at the things around me to finally see the blessings. I can choose the obvious things like family, friends, roof over my head, a job, etc. But I'm also trying to stop and observe more while going through this crazy life of mine. This morning as I was walking I actually stopped long enough to realize the leaves had changed. When did this happen? I'm sure it was a gradual occurrence and I just didn't see it. But they were a beautiful reminder of how awesome nature is. I went so far as to stop and pick a variety of them specifically for this post. I gotta share this beauty. And if no one ever reads it, I have a lasting reminder. It's been a good day so far. I got out early, did a half hour walk, gazed upon the world's beauty and spent quality time with my awesome husband. Oh! I almost forgot! The dogs walked this morning so they have been pleasantly quiet and playing with each other or snuggled together sleeping. See! Another reminder. Man....I like this life.
Today's Personal Message: All things are working for me, even things I can't see. Your ways are so beyond me, but You said that you would let it be for my good, so I'll rest and just believe.

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