Friday, November 26, 2010

After The Feast

Well, it was a Thanksgiving to remember. The first one without my mama. Daddy was a little sad but we did what we could to lift his mood. Not all the sibs were able to be there but there was enough that would fit at my sister's home. What was on the menu you ask? Turkey, dressing, chicken, gravy, African rice and baked chicken dish, collard greens, green bean casserole, layered salad, potato salad, and rolls. There was a large selection of desserts which included german chocolate cake, lemon pound, 2 pecan pies (courtesy of my older sister {it was miracle! 1st successful pie!}), 2 pumpkin pies (the new Northwestern bro-in-law's recipe), pumpkin bread, 2 sweet potato pies, and a chocolate cake. It was a feast for sure!

But I think I did well. I only got a smidgen of each of the savory and I ate a thin slice of pecan and sweet potato pie. I did bring home a slice of the german chocolate for today. But that's it. I didn't get the top button open type full and I felt well about it. And it was great to be amongst all the family and friends.

Hope everyone had a great day as well and let's get on track and keep the schedule for the Round-up. Just 5 months! Eek!!!

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