Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a Miracle! I Can Breathe!

Yeah, it's a bit dramatic. Sue me! I've been sick and couldn't breathe worth a damn. My husband tried giving me Claritin, Nyquil, Dayquil, and made me stick my head over a bucket of steaming menthol-ed water. Did they help? I don't know. All I know is after 3 days of sniffling, sneezing (thank goodness), moping and whining, I suddenly could breath from both nostrils today. Lucky for me it finally happened for I had to be at work today. Oh, it was a glorious discovery!

After the euphoria came the realization that I hadn't worked out in almost a week. Not a drop of sweat fell from this brow. The only ache I have is in my foot. That reminds me...I really need to find a foot doctor soon. Can't run a 5K on a bum foot now can I? So, I was telling a friend at work that I feel fat. Like I must have gained at least 10 lbs. She said that my lack of appetite probably prevented it. But I broke down and confessed to what I had to eat during my sick time. For three days, I only really had an appetite for tea, saltines and Panettone bread. I must admit the tea wasn't a bad thing. No sweetener except a smidgen of honey in ginger green or herbal tea. The saltines....bad. The panettone....sinful and HEAVENLY!!!! And I think I ate the entire loaf alone. {Imagine me hanging my head in shame}

So, I want to get back on track tomorrow. My husband and I will hit the gym at 5am tomorrow morning. I will have my mp3 going with Carli Fierce's Couch to 5k podcast. That is the plan and I plan to stick with it. On a side note...I got two people at work to commit to completing the 5k Texas Round-Up in April. Neither have ever done a 5K and were excited by the challenge. I'm stoked! My sister and I had planned to do the 10k this past year but due to family matters, we had to cancel the Annual Sister Bonding experience (a.k.a. 2010 Texas Round-Up). But we'll come back with a vengeance in 2011! Woo-hoo! So, I'm strapping on the shoes and getting back in the game tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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