Sunday, March 4, 2012

Planning Ahead

I try to plan most of my meals to keep from grabbing the quick and easy when my stomach tells me I'm hungry.  This has become a habit.  Even when I've failed to do this, most times I am able to resist the drive through, vending machine or girl scout cookie seller.

It's been a good day for cooking ahead as my husband was really in the cooking mood today.  He made his sauces that he likes to eat with rice, fufu or masa.  I baked chicken, grilled fish and browned ground turkey.  Together we sliced vegetables for lunches and dinners for the week.  It's nice to spend time with him in the kitchen.  And it's a good thing we like each other because our kitchen is small.

After we finished, he was in front of the TV watching basketball so I've been entertaining myself with my camera.  I took some pictures of my meals for tomorrow's work day.

Breakfast this morning was Moroccan mint green tea with cranberry pistachio bread from the grocer.  It was fast but I decided it was just what I needed healthy or not. I would love it for breakfast tomorrow but know it's probably not the best meal for a workday.
 I try to mix up my daily breakfasts so tomorrow will be oatmeal (with scrambled egg whites) and berries.  I need to get rid of those last 4 strawberries as they are looking pretty tired.  Peaches and strawberries sound OK to me.
Since I've eaten pretty heavy this weekend and the weather will be pretty nice tomorrow, I decided to go with fresh and easy.  That's a blueberry/cherry smoothie, banana, oranges, and a bowl of veggies with sliced baked chicken.  I will also be taking a couple of rice cakes smeared with peanut butter in case I'm in need some carb-o-licious goodness.

Dinner is again sliced chicken and the veggies I will season and steam.  We've been having fruit salads for dessert for a few days so we will probably be having it again (minus the wilting strawberries).

The husband talked me into a trail walk today.  It was so beautiful out and luckily he was only interested in walking due to his back issue.  Not that I was happy he was ailing.  I just wanted to enjoy the weather and views without concentrating on getting a good sweat.  Though there was some sweating after I tried the new workout station the city put in.  And that's about it.  I think I've worn myself down enough today to get a good nights sleep.  Have a good night!

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