Thursday, March 15, 2012


I do the best I can to eat better than I did in the past.  I think most people do.  It might be incorporating more fruits and vegetables into a day or eating snack sized candy instead of an entire bar.  Whatever the method it is just a little bit better.  That's just my opinion.  I say this because today I was approached by a co-worker needing to know what he needed to do to lose weight.  I was a bit surprised.  Why would he ask me?  So I asked him.  He said because he's heard through the grapevine that I never, ever eat out and my lunches are always super healthy and he can tell I'm losing weight.  Can you say flattered?!?  But then I got over myself telling him that I am not the authority on eating healthy.  I eat what I like and I workout.  He waved me off telling me, 'Girlfriend, you ain't a modest sort.  Just tell me what you do.'  I told him I try to eat fruits and vegetables with every meal and keep the fats and sweets to a minimum.  He said surely I must do more than that and he noticed I bring my lunch even on Fridays when everyone else goes out.  I told him that has more to do with me being cheap.  I don't spend money on food if I have the ingredients at home to make it myself but that I do go out for special occasions like a co-worker's birthday for instance.  Then I stressed that I don't really have food limits.  I try to workout to make up for the crazy eating days.

I walked away with the feeling that he didn't really believe me. Why is that so hard for people to believe? One friend told me that I shouldn't deprive myself after witnessing me turn down the pepperoni pizza in the cafeteria.  She didn't quite understand the bad effect pepperoni would have on my digestive system.  No deprivation there!  I do indulge sometimes but when I do it has to be something that is worth the sweat.  Whoever said you have to say no to everything you love to be healthy?  Not me!  When someone says, 'You eat so healthy' I almost always joke back, 'But you should see how I eat at home!'  And for the most part, my at home eating is slightly different from my work lunches. For good reason too.  I eat a little bit lighter and tighter at work because I get the 2:30pm slump if I don't.  I try not to have too many carbohydrates from bread or pasta or sugar while at work.  I know they make me sleepy and that's a hard thing to fight when you are watching the clock.  Instead I mostly opt for protein with fresh or steamed vegetables.  I do have things like muffins, rice cakes or cereal bars occasionaly or cheese with fruit for some snacks.  I'm not counting anything nor am I depriving myself.  I eat what I like.

So I figured I would post some more pictures of my eats from this week.  There is nothing fancy.  Not all are healthy or even make sense, and some are downright boring but they are good.  I'm pretty sure you can tell my work appetite and home appetite are a little different.

Alloco, Tilapia and tomato puree.  That's fried ripe plantain and fish. 

Typical weekend breakfast of 'fancy' bread, fruit and tea.

What I call my 'compost' muffins.  Basically I toss pulp from juicing (ginger, carrots, apples, etc) in a bran muffin type recipe.  Nice fibrous muffins. 

My running-late-to-work go-to breakfast. This one is spinach, canned pineapple and some ginger juice.  Nice kick and it sits well on my stomach while cursing rush hour.

Another leftover throw together.  It's leftover couscous mixed with quinoa with tomatoes and onions and juice from the baked chicken thighs.

This was one of the many 'car' lunches I plan in advance.  They are usually made for days I need to spend alone and don't have to fight for the office microwave.  Fresh and cold works perfect on the warm and breezy days.

This was a half day snack/lunch meaning I didn't take a lunch because I was leaving early.  My stomach never knows anything about these days and growls regardless so I have to fill it with something.  A cherry/berry smoothie always hits the spot.

There you have it.  That's just been this week.  I obviously didn't photograph every meal. Like the handful of nuts, chocolate chips or spoon of peanut butter.  I should do a self shot of how I look when I really want junk food but don't have it and am too lazy to go out and get it.  Now that would be something to see!  Lol.  Anyway, that's about it.   I eat and I like it.  Enjoy!

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