Monday, March 21, 2011

Drive You to the Alter? I don't think so!

I went to another wedding yesterday and we got back pretty late so I'm thinking that was probably not the best thing to do. It was nice but driving way the hell out in the middle of nowhere to find an awesome location is nuts. You know how I am with directions right? Well, I was as nervous as runaway slave. And irritable! I think I yelled at Alex a couple of times because he was reading directions and I felt like his accent was too thick! Poor man. Good thing he loves me. Oh! And the ceremony was supposed to start at 6 so we left home at 5 to get there by 545. The ceremony didn't get started until 715. She was beautiful and it was all quite nice. Well...except she cried the entire time. And she is not a neat cryer.

Anyway, afterwards they wanted everyone to meet at the pavilion to toast with champagne. That last 30-45 minutes. People can drink! Finally, everyone headed to the reception at about 8. Let me tell you, reading instructions to a secluded restaurant is not easy when it's dark. And in case you didn't know, sending your black friends driving on a country road is not nice! We don't like them and are super cautious. Looked like KKK territory to me. But was pretty I'm sure (if only I could have seen it in the darkness). Unfortunately, someone mentioned that I had printed out directions from the chapel to the restaurant so that meant several people were following me. On a dark country road. With a french accented navigator. I so need to get a GPS. Well, I passed the entrance and 8 cars passed it with me. We all had to turn on this tiny road. But we made it.

Ended up sitting with the grooms family. They were interesting (Bizarre in Alex's words), but they just got more interesting as the wine was passed. The main course came 45 minutes after everyone was drinking. And I think one of my co-worker's wives thought I had a thing for him. She kept telling me how wonderful he was and how much he loved her. And she drank a lot. But she was funny. That made it worth it because I have something to use against him at work. By 10, I was tired and had to work the next day so we would skip the cake. Once we were up to say congrats and goodbye, 5 other people at our table followed. The drive home was taxing if nothing else. I was tired. My contacts were dry and I could only see about 5 feet in front of us in super hilly territory. It was not fun. We got home and the dogs were yelping because they needed to potty. We were outside waiting on them in dress clothes. We didn't get to bed until about 12. I'm thinking I'm gonna start saying no to some of these invites. I'm tired of trying to be more social.

Needless to say, a morning workout didn't happen.  I was so tired at work I could barely keep my eyes open. I did make it through the day and had every intention of coming home and taking a nap.  My workout buddies were a no-show so it would have been easy to do so.  Unfortunately, my sister called to let me know she would actually be going to her gym today.  I was like, 'Wow! Really!'.  Lol.  She didn't find that too amusing.  So anyway, since she was going to do that I felt obligated to workout.  Since I didn't have them with me, I decided to walk the pond myself and get a good sweat going.  And sweat I did.  It was 82 degrees and I made that loop 4 times in 40 minutes.  What's the distance you ask?  Well, I mapped it out and looks like I did 3.3 miles today.  I was quite proud of myself. 

I'm tired but it was so worth it.  I know I'll sleep like a baby and this night will be well worth the wait! 

My quote for the day:
Here I stand on a hill in my mountain of dreams, telling myself, its not as hard, hard, hard as it seems. ~Led Zeppelin

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