Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Me

My Sunday morning has been an odd one.  I writhed in bed till about 6:15am and the got up because I got annoyed.  Pulled on my workout pant under my nightgown, threw on the moc's and took Sofie out to do her business.  She was fast as usual so we went back in and I let Baxter out.  He was faster than usual and wanted to come in soon.  I undressed and lay back down.  My husband was slightly awake and warm so I decided to snuggle.  It was nice until I got sharp pains in my stomach.  Hello post-menstrual crap!  Try as I might, I couldn't relax them away.  He tried to make me feel better but I decided only meds could do so.  Got up, took something and watched a bit of TV.  Lucky for me meds work quickly as I don't generally resort so I think they are always a shock to my body when I do.  I went and lay back down.  Still useless because as you well know, those types of meds have a bit of caffeine.  So, I got up and made myself some toast and tea.  I tried the new Tazo Thrive green. It is wonderful!  Much more mild than full out green tea and a nice minty effect. I highly recommend it!  I've decided toast with a bit of honey and tazo thrive will be my new go to, stomach soothing breakfast!  I'm all better now and ready for a workout!  We will be doing the Sunday Six later today so I guess this morning I will be doing some core busting Pilate's! Yay!

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