Monday, February 7, 2011

4 Miler

So, I've been guilty of laziness lately.  Since the husband began night classes really.  Sofie whined a whole week because this changed her routine.  I chastised her about it.  But really, I should have done the same for myself.  It's been two weeks of me (and her) trying to find comfort in being alone in the evenings.  No fun at all really.  But loneliness has brought on bad eating habits and half-hearted workouts (if any).  My work schedule has changed so I'm off earlier and it gets dark later.  So, I have plenty of time before and after work to get a good workout in.  I have not (shaking my head in shame). 

I've been eating whatever is easy because I've not adjusted to eating dinner alone.  Just the other night I had a chunk of french bread and dipped it in spaghetti sauce and drank OJ.  No veggies, plenty of sodium and more sugar than I care to mention with that juice addition.  And the workouts you ask? Pitiful.  I have been going with the husband alternate weekdays because he can't do it everyday.  But on the days when were weren't going, I was doing an afternoon workout or the mornings I would complete a DVD. 

So now you know of my shameful ways.  I had to backtrack and find out where I went wrong and lo and behold it was indeed the loneliness.  I made up my mind this weekend to get back on track.  And I did.  The eating has gotten much better.  I even turned down a large, fresh, hot from the oil bucket of french fries.  Everyone was shocked.  I did have to cover my eyes when my coworker through them away.  Instead I had egg salad in a wrap with lettuce, tomato, and carrots.  On the side yogurt with raspberries and blueberries and a pear for snacking later.  It was fast and the best choices I could find.  But that is not where it ends!  I came home and let the dogs out and they even played chase the ball a while before Yorkie Baxter looked like he would pass out.  I came in and slipped my walking DVD in and completed the 4 miler.  And it was a good one.   I feel accomplished. 

Make ahead lunches are the bomb baby!


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